Hello World

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Hello World is a media experience made of music and live video of Earth from space. It is a universal channel for contemplation and appreciation of our home planet.

The video is provided by Nasa and shot from the ISS via the HDEV device. The satellite orbits alternatively above the day and night sides of Earth, every 45 minutes. The connection between the satellite and the Earth can be lost randomly for a few minutes every hour.

Stay tuned.


Antoine Jaeger: Founder, Curator

Adrien Lemaire: Lead Developper

Hugo Suchet: Art Direction

Music team: Juliette Louise Bitauld, Georges Derval, Julie Lannegrace David Percy, Robin Wilms

S/O: Hugo Papier, Gregoire Peronne, Alexandre Beullier

Map Provider: © Mapbox © OpenStreetMap

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